10 Moving Hacks for a Smooth, Faster, and Less Stressful Move

by / Thursday, 25 July 2019 / Published in Moving Tips, Uncategorized
moving hacks

28% of Canadians feel the need to move every 5 years. If you’re one of them, you’re probably feeling the stress of the moving process.

No matter what, moving is a lot of work. But there are things you can do to make it less painful!

We’ve compiled a list of 10 clever moving hacks that will make your move easier. Check them out!

1. Make a Moving Toolbox

When you’re packing and moving, there are supplies you’ll need. But as you’re moving from room to room, it’s easy to lose them.

We’re talking about tape, scissors, and markers. Make a moving toolbox that you use throughout your moving process. This will ensure you don’t waste time looking for your supplies over and over again.

2. Have a Photo Shoot

If you’ve moved before, you’ve experienced putting your new place together. It can be so tough to remember how you had everything arranged in your old home.

To avoid this, take pictures of your layouts before you move. That way, you’ll remember how the books and decorations were arranged on the shelf. You can also do this for closets to remember how all of your sheets and towels fit in your space.

This is a good idea to use anywhere in your house. You’ll be so glad to avoid headaches when you’re unpacking in your new place.

3. Use Towels and Blankets

The last thing you want to spend money on is bubble wrap. And when you’re moving, you’ll find that you almost always need more supplies than you originally think.

To avoid this, use towels and blankets as packing materials! These are perfect for large items like furniture and pianos.

You can also use oven mitts and stuffed animals in boxes to take up space. Consider using grocery bags as well.

This is a great way to save money and time.

4. Bag Your Screws

Imagine you’ve packed everything, moved into your new place, and are trying to put your kid’s bed together when suddenly you realize you don’t have the screws you need.

And you have no clue where they are.

This is the stuff of nightmares after all your hard work packing and moving!

To avoid this, always bag your screws and other hardware when packing up furniture. Many people then tape the bag to the bottom of the furniture piece or label the bags and keep them all in a safe place.

5. Make it a Party

Even the most tedious tasks can be made more fun by turning them into a party. The same is true for packing!

Make it much more fun by inviting friends and family over to help with the packing. Turn on some music, watch a movie, and bring out some food, and sooner than you know it, the packing will be finished!

6. Color Code: One of the Most Helpful Moving Hacks

If you’re having people help you move, nothing is more frustrating than having to direct traffic with every single box.

To make this process much more organized, color code your boxes. Assign every room a color with tape and then use that same tape color on every box that goes in that room.

This will make it easier for your movers as well as make it so you don’t have to provide direction on every last item.

7. Don’t Forget Your First Day Essentials

One of the most frustrating parts about moving is being in your new place and not knowing where your things are. This is especially frustrating on your first day when everything is still chaotic.

A great way to overcome this is by creating a first-day essentials kit. This will be the last thing out of your old place and the first thing you need in your new home.

So inside, put all your essentials! Include soap, scissors, toilet paper, some snacks, and anything else you think you’ll want right away.

8. Utilize a Babysitter

This is a must do for anyone with little children! Get a babysitter who can watch your kids all day.

That way you don’t have to deal with dirty diapers, meal times, or tantrums during an already stressful day. So see which family member or friend could best watch the kids and take advantage of their help. You won’t regret it!

9. Save on the Moving Truck

Moving can be expensive, with some estimates adding up to around $5000. Did you know you can save some money on your moving truck by following certain hacks?

The price of your rental centers around the dates and times of your pick up as well as the location of your drop-off. You can often save some money by switching the day of your move or by changing where you drop off the vehicle.

This can be a great way to save some cash on an already expensive rental!

10. Install Shelves in the Garage

Last but not least, once you’ve gotten to your new place, organize your garage. Start by setting up some shelves. This will allow you to get things organized right from the beginning, avoiding huge piles of boxes for months to come.

That way, you can store things you don’t need all the time like yard equipment, camping gear, and your Christmas tree.

And you’ll still be able to park your cars in your garage!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read through these 10 moving hacks, it’s time to decide which ones you want to use for your next move.

And if you want professional help throughout your moving process, contact us! We’re happy to assist you.