10 Tips on Moving and Packing for College

by / Wednesday, 01 August 2018 / Published in Packing
Packing for College

In just a few more months it will be time for new and old college students to be heading back to college.

Which means that come move-in day, colleges all over the country will be swarmed with students moving into their respective dorms.

Packing for college is a chore, but if you want to save yourself some packing and moving hassle, we have 10 tips that will make your life (and your helpers’ lives) easier.

1. Know the Rules

Before you start packing, we recommend reading up on whatever college-provided handbook there is for dorms.

A lot of colleges restrict what students can bring into the dorms. Even more, provide basic furniture for the various rooms they have available.

There’s no point in bringing a bed frame when your dorm will have one for you to use.

There’s also no point in bringing your favorite incense or scented candles since many dorms have a ban on open flames.

2. Know Your Roommate(s)

The biggest challenge to dorm life is not finding space for all of your knick-knacks and college textbooks. It’s getting to know your roommate(s) and finding a suitable balance with them.

If you’re heading into a dorm that’s one room with two beds, two desks, and a shared closet, then you and your roommate are going to be seeing a lot of each other.

We suggest getting in touch with your roommate before move-in day and maybe collaborating on who should bring what items. For example, your roommate can bring the electric coffee maker while you bring the microwave.

3. Limit Your Wardrobe

Don’t bring your entire wardrobe. One, it won’t fit in the tiny closets you’re given in your dorm room, and two, you’ll have to pack it all up again when you leave your dorm (plus extras if you ever go shopping while at college). That’s a hassle you don’t want to deal with.

Instead, pack clothes you’ll know are suited for the climate of wherever your college is at. Pick out some casual clothes you find comfortable and a couple of dressy outfits.

Are you going away to Florida? Warm weather clothes with a couple sweaters and jeans thrown in will be all you need.

It’s even more important to limit what you bring when heading abroad for college.

If you ever do need extra clothes, you can always phone back to mom or dad and ask them to send you some. Or pick them up whenever you go home for the weekend or the holidays.

4. Public Bathroom Requirements

If you’re not in a room with its own private bathroom, then our next tip is buying or delegating a pair of flip-flops as your shower shoes.

Public bathrooms are shared by you and just about everyone else in the dorm, that’s a lot of germs and bacteria to go around.

You’ll also need a caddy or a water-resistant container to store your toiletries in for when you make the trip to the bathrooms.

We recommend buying shampoos, conditioners, and body washes that will last you an entire year.

And don’t forget to bring several towels with you!

5. Prevent Leaks

Don’t want to open up a box to spilled conditioner? Then you can always wrap the tops of any liquids you’re transporting in your move with plastic or Saran Wrap.

All you have to do is unscrew the cap of each bottle holding liquid, place either a plastic Ziploc bag or Saran Wrap over the top, screw the cap back on, and you’re done!

The plastic will prevent any liquid from spilling out during the move, no matter how much the car or truck jostles the bottles.

6. Moving Checklists

The perfect pre- and during move item to make your life easier is a checklist!

Make a checklist of everything you need to buy to help you pack and move your things. Now either make a second checklist of everything you are taking with you or just add it on to the first checklist.

As you pack your belongings, mark it off the checklist. You can do the same thing while unpacking in your dorm!

This will help you keep track of all your belongings and make sure everything arrived in one piece.

If you’re still not sure what you should bring, there are tons of online college packing checklists to get ideas from.

7. Hire Professionals

Hiring a moving company can often ease the stress of moving into your dorm.

Professionals will know how to transport all of your belongings to their correct destination safely. They’re also a good solution if you don’t have room in your car or truck to transport everything yourself or in one trip.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to find a company you trust and with a good reputation!

8. A Trip to the Hardware Store

A trip to the hardware store never hurt anyone, and you’ll want to go anyway to get all of your packing supplies.

Make a list of everything you need to pack your clothes, books, decorations, and dishware. You’ll find cardboard boxes, scissors, packing paper, and bubble wrap at a hardware store.

You can even find adhesive wall hooks for any decorations you plan to put up in your dorm room.

9. Call in Some Favors

If you have friends and family that are willing to help you move into your dorm, great! Just make sure to give them a call ahead of time.

It’s easier on your friends and family if they know when to help at least a month or so in advance. They’ll be able to clear their schedules for the move-in day and will be less likely to bail due to complications.

Remember to give them the date, time, and where to show up when the move-in day rolls around.

10. Miscellaneous Items You Need

If you think you’ve accounted for and packed everything then think again!

Here are a few miscellaneous items that you should definitely pack:

  • First aid kit
  • Toolkit
  • Sewing kit
  • Over the counter medicine
  • Umbrella

The first aid kit, tool kit, and sewing kit are mostly for emergency situations but are useful to have nonetheless.

Having medicine for allergies, cramps, or headaches will help you get through the semester, and you should always have an umbrella because classes won’t be canceled due to a little bit of bad weather.

Have Fun While Packing for College

Remember to have fun, and while you should definitely bring the things that are essential, you should also bring the items that are important to you or that make you smile.

Pack up your band posters or your awesome fairy lights! Just make sure to leave room for everything else.