2018 Alero Worldwide Long Distance Driver of the Year

by / Tuesday, 11 December 2018 / Published in Uncategorized

2018 Alero Worldwide Long-Distance Driver of the Year

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time to recognize the hard work and dedication demonstrated by all our drivers this year. There, however, can only be one driver of the year, and this year’s honor belongs to Brian Lepard!

During the 2018 season, Brian has travelled nearly 90,000 kilometers covering all points of Canada and the United States, making customers happy every gear shift of the way. He hauled over 420,000 lbs. of household goods during the year, all the while maintaining an excellent attitude and an impeccable customer service record.

Brian is definitely the “veteran” of the fleet, having been with the company for close to a decade. Brian first started with our Toronto office back in January of 2010, transferring over to the Winnipeg office in 2013, when he earned his first driver of the year award.

Brian really stepped up his game this year, adding quite a few domestic trips to his typical Cross-Border responsibilities. Not only that, but Brian also offered his services towards moving our home delivery product around the country. Brian has effectively been able to adapt to the changing times within the moving industry and has really been an asset to us all here at Alero.

We’re very luck to have Brian on our team, he’s a tremendous driver and a great person. There’s never a problem that can’t be fixed without too much stress when Brian is involved, his creative thinking is definitely a strength for the team.

Thank you, Brian for all your hard work! We very much appreciate you and everything you do!