5 Big Mistakes to Avoid with Business Storage

by / Tuesday, 13 February 2018 / Published in Storage

There are many reasons you may be looking to pack up your company and use business storage.

Maybe you need somewhere in between moving to new offices. Or perhaps, you don’t have enough space in your current office for the number of items.

It doesn’t really matter what the reason for using business storage is. But it’s important to make sure the process of moving your items into business storage is managed and executed properly.

By avoiding the big mistakes common to business storage you could save yourself time, money and energy. By moving your things the right way the first time, your future self will thank you.

Let’s take a look at the big mistakes to avoid with business storage.

1. Not Having a Plan

Many people assume that business storage is so simple and easy – why would we need to make a plan?

By making a plan, can work to avoid many mistakes further down the line.

By having a plan you don’t just throw things into the storage unit without thinking. You need to consider how to optimize the space.

To start writing up a plan of action, you need to find out the approximate measurements of the space. This may mean you have to go to visit the storage facility. After all, the measurement numbers themselves may not give you much of an idea of how large the business storage unit is.

Now that you have an understanding of the size of the storage unit, you can start to visualize how to fill the space with your things.

A good tip is to start with the largest items. Any small or loose items need to be packed away in boxes or bags. This way you don’t have random items all over the floor in no particular order.

The plan should also include a map or inventory of the items in the storage. This way when you return to find the items, you can easily identify where they are in the unit. You definitely want to avoid unpacking every box in the space to find a single item.

2. Forgetting to Use Labels

You have the most efficient and sophisticated plan for moving your stuff into the storage unit. But without using any labels you’ll quickly find that it’s extremely difficult to find anything.

If you’re not moving the items yourself, but instead you’re going to hire a removal company to do this for you, labels are essential.

Movers don’t know what is in each box unless there’s a label that states it. If you have any fragile items, such as devices or machinery, or things made of glass, the movers will know to take care of them.

By labeling every box, when you go to pick up your items you’ll know exactly what’s contained in each box. By labeling your items, you can avoid confusion later on.

3. Wrapping Items with Newspaper

Many people think that wrapping fragile and delicate items in pieces of newspaper can provide extra protection. However, you’ll find that if you leave the items in the storage unit for a period of time, the ink from the newspaper will run all over your things.

This could result in the items being permanently damaged or ruined.

So what’s the best alternative to a newspaper for wrapping items?

Try using bubble wrap or brown paper. This is much more effective at protecting fragile objects.

4. Storing Food and other Perishables

Some people are tempted to store food and other perishables in the space. But this should be avoided.

This is against the rules of most storage unit facilities. This is because it can attract pests. So if you don’t want mice and rats living among your things, then don’t include any food.

5. Not Enough Storage Space

You might not think you have many things to store away. But you’ll be surprised how much you have once you get it all in one place.

After you’ve transported your stuff to the storage space, you may find that find that you didn’t request enough storage space. By this time, it may be too late to change the storage unit to a larger space.

This can be avoided if you carry out the right preparations. Make an estimate of how much space you need for storage and order a unit. This way you can avoid not having enough space.

6. Forget to Research Storage Facilities

Many businesses simply go to the first storage facility they find. However, it’s important you select the right facility for your business.

All storage facilities are not the same. That’s why it’s essential to carry out research and think carefully about which business storage company to hire. Even if it’s only short-term, the storage company can make all the difference to the service you receive.

You can check out the storage facilities on the company website. This will provide you with an understanding of what service they offer.

Do they demonstrate that they take good care of your things? Do they have testimonials or reviews from satisfied customers?

We’re proud to have many satisfied customers with our service. Our white glove service offers many additional amenities alongside storage.

Hire the Right Business Storage Facility

Now you know which big mistakes to avoid when choosing the right business storage facility for your business. You’re ready to hire the right storage facility for you.

Whether you’re moving or simply storing an item for a short while, get in touch with us to today.