5 Major Benefits of Temporary Storage

by / Tuesday, 09 January 2018 / Published in Storage

As we move through life, it’s hard to give up what we’ve collected along the way.

Sometimes we end up in between phases of life. Thankfully, they normally tend to be for a short while.

At those moments, we need to rely on temporary storage. If you think storing your items isn’t for you, think again.

Here are five major benefits of temporary storage.

1. There’s Climate Control

Basements tend to be cold and full of moisture. They are also prone to flooding.

Storing items like papers, natural fibers, and electronics in a basement means there’s a good chance they’ll be ruined — even if you take precautions to store them properly.

Storing your items in the attic is no better. The heat and dust can ruin fabrics like leather and fur. Your electronics are no better in a damp place than they are in an overly heated environment.

So while it might be cheaper to place your stuff in temporary storage at your parent’s house, they can’t guarantee your stuff will still be in good shape when you need it.

A climate controlled storage facility can guarantee your items will be kept safe from the elements.

Climate control will also prevent bugs like carpet beetles and moths from getting into your clothing and ruining them permanently.

Don’t forget that if you need access to your items while they’re in storage, you probably don’t want to go into an environment that’s either cold and clammy or hot and stuffy.

2. You Can Rent the Amount of Storage Space You Actually Need

Temporary storage is extremely versatile. If you only have a few items you need to store, you can do that.

If you need a lot of storage space because you’re storing every item in your home until your new house has been built, that’s also possible.

If you need outside storage for items like a boat, that can be arranged. Even pianos, cars, and office items can be placed in storage these days.

A well-run storage facility can handle all your requirements and rent you a space that will easily hold everything you own.

That means saving money by not renting an overly large space or having to rent out many storage units because you own so many belongings.

3. Your Stuff is Safe and Secure in Temporary Storage

If you choose to store your items in a shed or garage, there really is very little protection. It’s bad enough that the elements can ruin your stuff, but the prospect of thieves breaking in and stealing your items is high.

Even if you choose to store items at a friend or parents house, there’s still no guarantee that they’re safe from thieves.

When you place your items at the right temporary storage facility, you know that there is 24/7 monitoring. That means your stuff is always safe from thieves and bandits.

But it goes further than that.

We make sure we know who has access to your belongings.

If you’re going through a divorce, only you will have access to your items. We won’t let your ex-spouse rummage through anything without your permission.

It also means that no matter if you choose to head to our facilities at 2 pm or 2 am, you’re always going to be safe.

We even provide fire protection in case the unthinkable happens.

4. There are Convenient Storage Locations All Over Canada

Sometimes, people move locally. Maybe they’re buying a new home and have already sold the old house.

Sometimes, people choose to move to the other end of the country. Maybe they got a new job or are being transferred to another branch by their company and are starting a new life.

Whether you’re moving locally or traveling to a new town or even country, there’s always a storage facility nearby where you can store your items.

Many times, the storage facility can even help move those items you’ve stored for you once you’ve relocated.

5. You Only Pay for the Time You Need it

Sometimes, storage really is only temporary. It would make no sense to pay for a full year of storage space when you only need it for one month.

Then there are times when you really aren’t sure how long you’ll need the storage space for.

Plans change.

You might be waiting for the construction of a house to finish. Then you realize that the builders weren’t up to code.

Instead of it taking six months, it will now take 10.

Sometimes, you move to a new location. You’re unfamiliar with this new city so you leave your belongings behind because you’re unsure of how large your new home will be.

Or when you’ll find a new home.

Then you get lucky and find the home of your dreams within two weeks. It’s ready to move in immediately.

It’s even so large you’ll need every item you’ve ever owned to fill it. Which means you need your belongings sooner than you planned.

However long you need to store your items, a storage facility can handle it. Even if it’s shorter or longer than you expected.

Store Your Items at the Right Facility

Don’t assume all storage facilities are the same. They’re not.

Make sure the one you choose can handle all your requirements for storing your stuff, even if it is temporary.

Do your homework before choosing a place to place your belongings. One way to do that is to check out a storage facilities website.

If it provides great information, then you know they care about your belongings. But go one step further and check their testimonials page.

Reading the experiences of other people who have used the facilities will not only educate you on what to expect, it will give you peace of mind.

We’re proud to have many satisfied customers over the years. Our white glove service offers many additional amenities besides storage.

Whether you’re moving or simply storing an item for a short while, contact us to service all your needs.