5 Tips for Calculating Storage Space

by / Tuesday, 13 March 2018 / Published in Storage

When you’re interested in getting a storage space that will store clothing, tools, equipment and any other personal or work belongings, you need to make the best use of the space that you have.

The more diligent you are at calculating storage space, the easier it’ll be for you to get the right rental for your money and put it to great use.

With this in mind, make sure that you make use of some tactics that’ll help you masterfully calculate and use your storage space, regardless of what size unit you decide to rent.

1. Ask The Storage Company For A Blueprint

In order to really get a feel for how much storage space you have, ask the rental company for a copy of the blueprint.

By using their calculations, you’ll have everything that you need to know about the size of the storage unit and will then be equipped to use the space to the best of your ability.

This way, you’re not the only one calculating store space, you’re also getting vital information from the company that owns the unit. You will want to use the blueprint in order to get an insurance policy that will keep your belongings as safe as possible during the rental.

Getting your hands on a blueprint is also a great idea because lets you know exactly how the storage space is laid out. From here, you’ll have the chance to arrange it in any way that makes sense for you.

With a thorough blueprint, you won’t have to worry about going into this project sight unseen.

2. Grab A Tape Measurer And Verify For Yourself

If you’re looking to make sure that you’re treating your storage space accordingly, don’t simply rely on the square footage listed in the property information. You’ll need to break out the measuring tools so that you know exactly how much square footage is in each room.

By understanding the different room sizes, it’ll be much easier for you to outfit the amount of storage space that you need. There are many different spaces available, so understanding how much room you have to work with will be incredibly useful.

Get as many accurate measurements as possible so that you can get what you need out of the space. Any storage space that you rent will come with recommendations about how many rooms worth of inventory you’re packing inside.

Speak to the different storage space companies and let them know the size of your rooms, and they should be able to let you know which size storage unit is right for you.

3. Measure All Of the Belongings Going Into The Storage Unit

On top of choosing the right storage space, make sure that you understand the true size of the belongings going into it.

When you measure your couch, dressers, and other belongings, you’ll be able to plan accordingly, in order to make the most out of the storage rental. While measuring your belongings, you should make provisions for different ways to handle your items with care.

For instance, an awkwardly shaped piece of furniture might need to be slipped in at an angle. You might also need to be careful about how certain furniture pieces are going in, to make sure that they don’t sustain damage. This is when using certain tools and equipment can be helpful, in order to keep your items as safe as possible, while fitting them in to fit.

4. Use Uniform Containers For Calculating Storage Space

In terms of calculating storage space, one of the best things you can do is get your hands on some containers that are all the same size.

By having access to uniform containers, it makes stacking and arranging them inside the storage unit as easy as possible. The more information you have about the storage container sizes, the more chance you’ll have to stack them and move them in a way that makes sense.

For best results, be sure that you buy some plastic bins that are durable and airtight. This will give you the chance to keep your items from experiencing damage, while also making it easier to get belongings in and out.

Even if the best thing you can do is get some boxes from a department store, make sure that they’re as close to the same size as possible. Pack as much as you can into the boxes and stay aware of the size so that you can organize them in a way that accounts for storage space.

By calculating storage space and using the right boxes, you’ll never have to worry about whether you chose a unit that was too big or too small for your needs.

5. Stack Vertically To Truly Know How Much Space You Have

To really get the most out of your storage space calculations, never forget that you can get a lot done by arranging items vertically.

Your horizontal space is often more limited, but you can make the most out of the storage unit by stacking belongings vertically. When getting square footage calculations for your rental, be sure that you’re also given the vertical dimensions, in order to make the best use of your space in every regard.

Get In Touch With Your Storage And Moving Needs

When you use these tips for calculating storage space, you’ll have no problem getting the most out of your moving and storage.

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