The 6 Biggest Benefits of Business Storage Services

by / Wednesday, 01 November 2017 / Published in Storage
Business Storage

Most people think of storage solutions for their home or personal belongings. But business storage is also a viable option for companies seeking a solution for their extra merchandise, equipment, or other inventory.

It’s important to know what’s going on with your business’s overhead at all times. You also want to know it’s all safe and protected.

Some businesses rent storage spaces as a simple backup to the office storage, just in case of emergency. Others keep storage spaces for additional equipment that is not currently in use.

There are a lot of reasons to obtain a storage unit for your business. Keep reading to learn more about the best benefits of business storage services.

1. Moving Offices

This might seem like an obvious reason for a storage space, but moving your business can take a lot of time. What if your new office isn’t completely ready on moving day? Or maybe you’d just like to keep things organized during the move.

A storage space is a great complement to any company move because you can store equipment or important documents that won’t fit on the moving truck, or in the new office. It can also be a great way to avoid packing things that may need to become easily accessible in the near future.

If you’re hiring a moving company, perhaps there are items that you would prefer go untouched by strangers. Put them in a safe storage space for retrieval after the move.

2. Office Equipment

Some companies provide seasonal entertainment or other services that require special equipment or products. Think about fancy hotels with elite dinnerware that’s reserved only for special occasions, or marketing materials that are only used during special events.

There are other types of equipment that your company may need to store away for events or other services that you offer, too. These can be items like desk chairs that aren’t in use or printing supplies that are only needed a few times per year.

A business storage space for your office equipment is a great way to free up space on the sales floor or in the company stockroom. Make it easy to access your equipment when it’s needed instead of piling it up in the back corner of the stock room where it’s nearly inaccessible.

3. Inventory

Companies that keep a lot of inventory, like retail shops, might find that their inventory outweighs the floor space available in the store. Other companies, like product rentals, might not want to keep all of their inventory in stock at all times. These may be seasonal changes or other updates necessary to keep the business functioning at full speed.

It’s always a good idea to keep a few specialty items tucked away for special customers or events but there may not be a place for it in the main storage location. This can lead to unsightly messes and errors in the inventory of products.

With a business storage unit, you can pile in the extra inventory while you’re not using it, all while knowing it’s safe and secure, and out of sight.

4. Paper Products in Business Storage

In today’s new era of digital technology, there is less need for paper but some paperwork is required to keep on file for government or editing and quality control purposes. These items need to be kept in a safe and secure location, protected from damage and theft.

Use a business storage unit for payroll and tax returns or contracts and other files that are required to be kept for months or years.

Some industries require documentation be kept for upwards of 5-10 years. Don’t overburden your file cabinets and business space with unnecessary papers that can be tucked away to be collected upon request.

5. Security

A good storage facility will have security, or at very least, on-site cameras. Don’t forget to pick up a lock for your unit(s) to properly secure your belongings. Give the keys only to select individuals that are authorized to access the items in storage. This will ensure that others aren’t able to get information or items that they shouldn’t have.

Give the keys only to select individuals that are authorized to access the items in storage. This will ensure that others aren’t able to get information or items that they shouldn’t have.

Some storage facilities offer climate controlled storage units. This ensures that your items in storage are protected from the elements and exposure to mold or other environmental factors. A climate-controlled unit is also good for perishable items as the temperature can be regulated in each separate unit to suit your needs.

Be mindful that most storage units offer24-hour access so that you don’t have to worry about time restraints.

6. Save Money

Think about the cost of a new or larger office space just to hold all of your office or business equipment. It may be cheaper to rent a business storage space for extra items that are taking up space in your current location in the long run.

Utilize a business storage unit in conjunction with your company location to save money on external sourcing of your product or equipment.

A storage unit is also a good way to minimize office space and alleviate high leasing costs. Some small business owners don’t keep office space at all. Using a storage unit can maximize revenue by keeping overhead costs down.

Business storage spaces come in a variety of sizes with accompanying rates so you can choose something small now and upgrade later, or vice versa.

Making Your Decision

Don’t get too caught up in your decision process. It shouldn’t be a complicated choice. A storage space is an excellent solution for your office or business when it comes to items that you can’t store onsite.

Take all costs and space requirements into consideration as you check off the pros and cons of a storage unit for your business. Make sure to choose a location that’s close to your company site or office for easy access and flexibility.

When you’ve finally made a decision on your business storage needs, contact us for a quote. We provide safe and secure storage solutions for your company’s extras.