7 Budget-Friendly Moving Tips that Help Save Cash

by / Tuesday, 28 March 2017 / Published in Moving Tips

It’s been months, but you’ve finally done it.

After months of house showings, realtor meetings, and second guesses you’ve finally found your next home.

Unfortunately, you’ve just done the easy part.  Now you actually have to figure out the cheapest ways to move.

Looking for the cheapest ways to move?

Moving can be stressful if you aren’t prepared.  And if you’ve just spent money on a down payment or rental deposit, you don’t exactly have a lot of money to spend on moving.

If you’re looking for the most efficient and cheapest ways to move, you’ve come to the right place.

If you need to move on a budget, make sure you follow these tips.

Time your move

We understand that some people may not have the luxury of being able to move at their leisure.  But if you’re able to choose the time of year you move, choose wisely.

People tend to move during certain times of the year, many seem to love moving the most between  May and September.

Some people find it easier to move during the summer because they don’t have to worry about moving their kids in the middle of the school year.  Others have more time off of work during the summer and want to wait until then.

If you’re trying to figure out the cheapest ways to move, don’t move during the summer.  See if you can wait until the spring or fall.

Rates on rental trucks can be lower during the “off-season”.  You may also find it easier to find other moving supplies like boxes.

Always do the math

It may seem cheaper to do certain things yourself, but if you’re looking for the cheapest ways to move sometimes professional help is worth the money.

You may think that taking a few days off of work to pack and move may be the cheapest option.  But then when you think about the money you’re losing by not working, it may be cheaper to higher someone.

Keep your options open, but don’t always assume that doing it yourself will save you money.

Clear out your junk…

We know that you may have thought about throwing out a few things before your move.  If you want to make your move easier, you should think beyond throwing out a box or two.

Think about the sheer amount of things in your home.  If you think about it, do you really use everything single thing you own?

People are always talking about the benefits of living a clutter-free lifestyle.  That mindset can help make your move much more efficient.

Do you have trouble getting rid of things because you’re worried about needing them later?

To avoid falling into that fallacy when you move, do one simple thing.  Every time you have to pack something think about if you can remember using it in the past year.  If you haven’t, you don’t need it after you move.

And earn money!

Some of the things you’re getting rid of may not be of much use to anyone, but there are bound to be some items that are in good condition that you don’t use.

Some of your old clothes could earn you some money at the right thrift store. Old videos games and electronics could be sold at some specialty stores.

If you’re more of a DIY person, try selling some things yourself.  Craigslist is simple to use and could help you find buyers for your old things.  There are also tons of regional  facebook groups for people that are trying to sell things.

Use items as packing materials

Proper packing is an essential part of any move.

When most people think about moving expenses images of movers come to mind. People can forget how expensive boxes and packaging materials can be but remember as soon as they have to move.

People that are looking for the cheapest ways to move aren’t interested in spending money on packing materials.  Instead of spending money on bubble wrap or packing peanuts, use some of the things you already have.

Use towels to keep dishes and glasses from cracking when they’re in transit.  Your favorite sweaters and sweatshirts can help keep picture frames from being damaged.

If you think about it, you have to move your clothes and linens anyway.  Instead of having them take up space, put them to work!

Don’t pay for boxes

You may be able to improvise and use a towel instead of packing peanuts, but there isn’t a replacement for a sturdy cardboard box.

Don’t spend money on brand new cardboard boxes. if you’re concerned about the cheapest ways to move you’d be better off finding boxes for free.

Mid-sized and box stores are always throwing away sturdy boxes.  Cruise by a few during closing time and see if you can pick a few up by the dumpsters.

You could also find free boxes online.  Sites like Facebook and Freecycle are great resources for finding free things in your area.  Craigslist has a section dedicated to free things, and moving materials like boxes are always on there.

Think about utility cut off dates

In a perfect world, the last day of your billing cycle would always line up with your move-out date.

People that are concerned about the cheapest ways to move aren’t going to want to pay for utilities they can’t use.  If you can live with it, you may want to consider cutting off some services early.

You wouldn’t want to go without water or electricity for long, but you could easily go without cable or internet for a few days before you move.

Also, make sure that you’re turning your utilities on at your new place at the right time.  If you’re going to be working and unpacking for a few days, you may not need your internet or cable right away.