7 Genius Moving Hacks for Apartments

by / Wednesday, 26 September 2018 / Published in Moving Tips
Apartment Hacks

Are you preparing to move into a new apartment? You may find yourself torn between excitement and dread as you begin your preparations for the big move.

Packing and staying organized while moving into a new apartment can be challenging and costly. Even though you live in a small apartment, you may still be surprised at exactly how much has to get packed up.

The good news is that there are things you can do to make the process less stressful. By following some awesome moving hacks, you can learn how to move apartments efficiently. You might even save some money, too!

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover 7 genius moving hacks for apartments.

1. Go to The Grocery Store for Boxes

The very first step to take when moving from one apartment to another is getting a nice collection of boxes ready. You may think that purchasing cardboard boxes wouldn’t set you back that far. However, for a one-bedroom apartment, you could spend upwards of $90!

We don’t know about you, but $90 seems a little high for some boxes that will just be thrown away as soon as you move.

Instead, go around to some grocery stores in town. After unloading and stocking shelves from a shipment, they are loaded up to their ears in empty boxes.

Just make sure you don’t wait until the last minute. Some stores get weekly shipments and throw the boxes out right away. Give yourself time in case this happens, so you can wait until the next shipment and snag the boxes before they’re tossed in the dumpster.

2. Make DIY “Packing Peanuts”

Packing peanuts are another added expense that you don’t need to incur when moving. Of course, you’ll want to make sure all your breakables stay safe and sound, but that doesn’t mean you have to drop extra money on packing peanuts.

Instead, utilize what you’re already packing away. Hand towels, washcloths, clothes, sheets, blankets, towels, rugs, and pillowcases can all be used to add a little extra padding around fragile items.

If you find yourself subject to tons of junk mail and magazines that you don’t even read anymore, don’t throw them away just yet. Junk mail can be shredded and pages can be ripped out of magazines to create DIY “packing peanuts.”

If you (or someone you know) still gets the newspaper, save as many of these as you can. They work wonders when you’re trying to protect glasses or figurines. This is just one of the many apartment moving tips to help you save money.

3. Use Ziplock Bags to Hold Small Stuff

When moving from one apartment to another, you may notice that you have many small objects that might get lost in big boxes, such as jewelry, corkscrews, magnets, and flash drives.

Instead of tossing them in a box and hoping for the best, put them in ziplock bags. This way you’ll be able to keep similar things together and not have to worry about losing them in the hassle of moving.

4. Pack a Box for Essentials

One of the best apartment moving tips is to pack a box containing all of your essentials.

When you first arrive at your new home, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with all the unpacking that has to be done. Think about all the things you need access to on a daily basis. A toothbrush, deodorant, work clothes, your phone charger, and the coffee maker may just be a few items on your essentials list.

Now, look at these items. Most likely, you’ll be packing your boxes by room. But, these essentials are spread throughout your entire apartment. Meaning, to find them, you’ll have to dig through numerous boxes.

Instead, write a master list of all the essentials you’ll need at least for the first day or two. Then pack them in one convenient box. You can unpack this box first and feel more relaxed knowing that you can take your time unpacking the remainder of the boxes.

5. Label Your Boxes on The Side

When you pack up all your boxes, many people tend to label the top of the boxes. While this may be helpful when unloading the truck and moving your boxes into the correct room, it can get inconvenient quickly.

You will probably end up stacking several boxes on top of each other, especially if you are moving into a small apartment. This means that you’ll have to move and unstack boxes to see what’s in the boxes under them.

One of the simplest moving hacks is to label the top and the side of your boxes. By taking a few extra seconds when labeling your boxes, you can save tons of time when looking for specific objects.

6. Keep Your Clothes on The Hanger

The process of taking all your clothes off hangers, packing them away, and then putting them back on the hanger after your move can be a hassle. Plus, all your hangers are bound to get tangled up no matter how you store them for your move.

The easiest way to pack for a move is to just keep your clothes on the hanger. One way to do this is to simply take an unscented garbage bag and slip as many clothes as you can fit into it. Then tie the handles around your hangers to keep them secure.

When you arrive at your new apartment, all you’ll have to put it in your closet and cut the garbage bag handles. Voila! You’ll save tons of time unpacking clothes, and you won’t have to worry about scrambling to find an outfit for work tomorrow amongst all your boxes.

7. Cover Drawers with Plastic Wrap

Relying just on boxes isn’t how to move apartments efficiently. Sure, they’re great for packing things away and staying organized. But, not everything has to go in a box.

The beauty of having a dresser is that your clothes are already folded and packed away. Instead of moving them to a box and risking them getting wrinkled or messy, just keep them in the drawer.

By placing some plastic wrap over the top of the drawer, your belongings will stay safe and sound inside. You can your save time and boxes for other things.

Apartment Moving Hacks

Don’t let the stress of moving overshadow your excitement. While many people dread the process of packing their things and moving, it doesn’t have to be so stressful.

By following some clever moving hacks, like packing a box of essentials and getting moving boxes from the grocery store, you can save yourself time and money.

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