7 Tips That Helps Local Moving Stress

by / Tuesday, 06 March 2018 / Published in Moving Tips

There’s no doubt about it. Moving is one of the most stressful things we ever do.

It upsets our routine, it puts us in unfamiliar surroundings and it just takes up so much time! Even if you’re thinking about local moving, the problem is the same. Boxes, clear outs and things everywhere.

But just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you should let the stress take over. Finding the right strategies to deal with moving is as important as the actual move itself.

So keep reading, as we’ve got 7 tips to help you get through the stress so you end up happy and comfortable in your new home!

Clear Out Your Junk

If you’re gearing yourself up for a move, you should take stock of what you want to take and what you want to get rid of.

That means it’s time to pull out the boxes from under your bed or on top of your wardrobe. All those valuables that you’ve forgotten about will need to be looked at and, if you don’t need or want them anymore, it’s time for them to go.

The good news is that one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, and if you’re on a tight budget, clearing out before a move could be a good way to generate some extra cash.

Struggling to know where to shift your unwanted gear, though? Here are some places where you can turn your clutter into cash.

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

Boxes. You’re going to need a lot of them.

With so much stuff to move from A to B, you aren’t likely to have the storage already to safely pack and transport everything.

This is where boxes come in, and it’s best to think about the problem early.

You don’t want to be halfway through your packing and realize you don’t have enough boxes to pack everything up with, do you?

And the great news is you probably don’t need to pay. You can get yourself some free boxes in all sorts of unusual places.

Plan Your Move

You shouldn’t start your move without having thought about everything.

What’s going to happen in the months and weeks beforehand? Do you need somebody to look after the family pet on the day? What about the utilities, when do you need to move things over?

Moving is stressful enough as it is without trying to go about it unprepared. Get your diary out and start planning the who, what, where, and how of your local moving process right from the start.

Be sure to take a look at our ultimate moving packing list to make sure you’ve not forgotten anything or to give you some ideas.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Packing and moving can take time, so make sure you give yourself enough to do it so you can move without any problems.

Do you need to book time off to actually complete the move, for instance? You’ll probably need to do this in advance, so think about it early.

But if you have a lot of stuff, you might also need to think about giving yourself enough time to pack, too. Taking a week or a few days to focus, declutter and pack might make the process a lot smoother.

On the day, think about having enough of an overlap to complete the move on time.

You don’t want to be moving into your new place at 4 pm and have to be out of your existing pad at 5 pm!

Protect Everything Valuable

If you’ve got a lot of valuable items in your home, give this extra consideration when you’re planning your move.

Do you need sturdier boxes to handle them? Do you need to think about specialist moving insurance, or is that covered by a professional local moving company?

You don’t want to move and realize you’ve lost something priceless and irreplaceable in the process.

Keep a track of everything valuable, like jewelry, legal documents, ID or expensive equipment and decide how you’re going to move each one.

That way, when you’ve completed your move, you’ll know where to find everything.

Be Prepared for Moving Day with a Survival Box

It’s going to be hectic on the day you move, so make sure you’re prepared.

First, make sure that everybody involved in the move gets a good nights sleep beforehand. You don’t want to be tired if you’re shifting boxes or overseeing everything!

Have a good breakfast, and make sure you’ve got some food and bottled water packed up for lunch. You’re going to need the energy.

After food, have a box of all your essentials. You might need to give your new place a quick clean, so have some cleaning supplies like disinfectant wipes, trash bags, and soap to quickly use.

Have a screwdriver handy, too, just in case you need to make some urgent DIY repairs. Don’t forget a few emergency First Aid essentials like bandages and ibuprofen for any mishaps!

Last, but not least, don’t forget a flashlight. If it goes dark and the lights don’t come on, you’re going to be in trouble!

Use a Professional Moving Company

If you’re overwhelmed by the process, or you don’t think you can move everything on your own, think about hiring a professional local moving company.

Local moving companies, like us at Alero Moving & Storage, take the stress out of actually moving your items by planning and executing the move of your items from your old home to your new.

Using a professional moving company might mean you don’t need to worry so much about covering the cost of moving valuables, as they often come with specialist moving insurance to cover any possible breakages or lost items.

If you decide to hire professionals, make sure to ask 10 essential questions before you hire them to complete your move.

Local Moving Without the Stress

There’s no easy way to handle a move. It’s an exhausting process that can cost money, time and a lot of effort to sort.

But it’s also a time to be excited. If you’re moving into a bigger place, or into a better neighborhood, why let the stress of local moving weigh you down?

Follow these tips and come up with a clear plan that helps your move go off without a hitch.

If you’re thinking about local moving in and around Winnipeg, consider our local moving service and see if we can help get you set up in your new home.