8 Benefits of Secure Storage for Your Move

by / Wednesday, 18 October 2017 / Published in Storage
Secure Storage

Let’s get real for a minute. Moving can be tedious and downright stressful. Thankfully, there are solutions to make it easier. One of those solutions is secure storage.

Whether your move is commercial or residential, short term or long term, secure storage can be a stress saving solution.

In this article, we’re covering the top eight reasons to utilize secure storage to make your move easier. Let’s dive in.

8 Reasons Secure Storage Is Right For You

Every move comes with its own unique challenges, but when you consider that 28% of Canadians move at least every 5 years, it’s clear that moving is just a part of life.

If you fall into one of the following eight scenarios, secure storage can make your move much more manageable.

1. Staging Your Home For Sale

Having your personal style and memories displayed to buyers not only feels vulnerable, it can make it harder for buyers to envision themselves in the space.

Staging your home can make it much more attractive to buyers because it minimizes distractions and makes the home look polished and clutter free. It’s the house you’re selling after all, not the way you set it up.

The thing is, selling a home can take time and most of us need to sell the old house before we can put the money down on the new house. During this interim time, a secure storage space can really come in handy.

Stash away your furniture, all of your off-season storage, collectibles, and non-essentials in a storage unit. With 24/7 security and climate controlled facilities, you know it will be safe. Plus, you can easily access it to add more stuff or retrieve something you need.

2. Downsizing

Downsizing often requires us to get rid of everything from furniture to flip-flops. There simply isn’t room in a small home for all the stuff you can fit in a large home!

Parting with our belongings can be very difficult emotionally. When you couple that with the stress of moving, it’s a recipe for disaster.

A storage unit can be a great tool when you’re transitioning to a smaller square footage.

You can opt for a long-term storage unit year-round to store things like winter gear, collections, or mementos you don’t want to display.

Or, you can just utilize a short-term storage unit for a transitionary solution to allow you to go through your non-essential belongings at a low-pressure pace.

3. Tight Deadlines

Did your house sell faster than you expected? Needing to get out quick can be hectic. A storage unit will help keep you organized and calm during a quick turnaround.

Call up your trusted secure storage company and see what sizes of storage units they offer. Most companies will be happy to help you find the right size unit for your needs. Just be sure to find one with ample security, climate control, and competitive prices.

4. Dividing Assets

When you’re moving due to the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship, you’ll likely have to divvy up some possessions.

Make this process easier by using the common ground of a secure storage unit to help inventory and distribute the assets appropriately.

Perhaps you’re downsizing because of children growing up and leaving you with an empty nest. While they’re away at college or working their way up to afford a bigger place to live, a storage unit can be the perfect solution to hanging onto their childhood belongings, furniture, extra clothing, and so on.

They can access their things when they need them and eventually clear out or take over the unit.

5. Renovations

Often times, your new place will need some sprucing up. Even if you’re able to live in the new house while renovations are underway, you may not want to live with all of the stuff that goes in the rooms under construction.

Instead, keep the clutter to a minimum and keep your stuff safe in a storage unit. Renovations are hectic and disruptive enough as is. You don’t need piles of boxes clogging up your hallway on top of it all.

6. Need to De-Clutter

When moving, it can become very apparent that you’ve accumulated a whole bunch of junk. Do you really need or even want it all?

We can all use a little de-cluttering.

However, between changing your address, setting up and canceling utilities, tying up loose ends at your old place and getting into your new home, there’s hardly time to go through all of the items you own.

Make your de-cluttering process easier by only moving your non-negotiables into your new place and the rest into a storage unit. That way, you can see if you really do miss that third blender that you swear you’ll get around to fixing one day.

7. Re-Organizing

Unless you’re moving to an exact replica of your old house, it can take time to figure out how you want to set up your new space.

There are several schools of thought about organization out there and you may want to try out a new method in your new home.

Rather than living with boxes and boxes of stuff and placing furniture wherever it fits, you can get a storage unit to help you load in your belongings as you’re ready for them.

8. Buying Time

Sometimes, moving just doesn’t time out for your convenience. Move-in date delayed? Having trouble finding a new place you love?

If you need to get your stuff out but don’t have a place to put it, secure storage is a convenient and easy solution. With a designated and safe place to keep your belongings, you’ll be able to buy some extra time.

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