Moving While Selling Your Home

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How to Balance Getting Ready With Looking Good Many people complain that they’re unable to “walk and chew gum”, meaning trying to juggle two time-consuming or challenging tasks at the same time. One such instance is trying to sell a home and move an entire household simultaneously. It can be quite the feat to sell a

We’ve all seen that Friends episode — the one with Ross and his brand new sofa. Rather than paying the money to have it professionally delivered, he does it himself, and it does NOT work out in his favor. His new sofa becomes completely destroyed before actually making it into his apartment. This is a

Got your dream job and now you’re moving to a new office? That’s great news, although it does mean that you’re going to deal with the stress of packing and unpacking. An office move can be quite stressful, but don’t let stress highlight what should be an exciting opportunity for you. Fussing over the moving

Are you moving into a new house? Congratulations! Moving to a new house, especially if it’s in a different city or state, can be an exciting, yet stressful process. Add kids to the mix, and everything escalates. Moving can be hard on kids, especially those who have already formed memories and friends in their current

You’d think packing up cardboard boxes for your move is pretty self-explanatory. But you’re probably wrong. A properly packaged moving box isn’t just random items stuffed into a box. Though this may seem easier at first, unpacking will turn into a nightmare, and your possessions have a higher chance of breaking during the move. There

Why You Should Move to Canada

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Moving house can be a big job and a very exciting but stressful time in your life. Moving from your hometown to a new city, even more so. Moving to a new country takes a lot of courage, however. A lot of courage and a lot of work. There are any number of reasons why

Moving is regarded as one of the most stressful things you can do. No matter how many times you’ve done it before, some type of difficulty always seems to pop up. If you’re moving to an apartment, you’re definitely not alone. Apartment living is the fastest-growing accommodation option in Canada. Follow these six simple steps

Relocating your office from one area to another can be incredibly stressful, no matter the distance involved. It’s like moving a bunch of people on the same day, into new homes, at the same time. Stuff gets lost, people get lost and it’s hard to get a cup of coffee when you need one (what?

Moving services aren’t a big deal when you’re younger. After all, you’ve got a friend with a truck willing to help for a six-pack. This happens a few times in your early 20’s, each time getting harder because you have more stuff. Then comes the time when opportunity strikes. A new job or love interest

Here are the 8 Best Office Moving Tips

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Dilbert cartoons are sometimes at their most cutting when describing office moving problems. In one comic strip, a character says that they don’t want to worry anyone but “you should look for new jobs right away”. Office relocation need not be so stressful. With some careful planning and thought the move can go ahead smoothly,