How to Choose the Best Moving Date

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Moving is exciting and frustrating at the same time. Whether you are looking forward to your move or are apprehensive about it, one of the most important things you need to consider is whether or not it is the right time to do it.

Approximately 5 million Canadians move every year, there are peak times when moving is in high gear and other times when moving is not so hectic.

If you want to make your move less stressful you need to be aware of the best times to move. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect moving date for you.

 1. It’s Time To Get Flexible

Flexibility is important when you are thinking about moving because it will often allow you to pick the best times for moving and to get the best deals. For example, it is very popular to move on the weekends because people generally have more time.

However, this can mean that your moving company may have a more difficult time scheduling you in. If you choose to move on a weekday then it is likely to be less hectic and it is more likely that you will get a better moving price.

Even if you don’t get a better price, availability will be higher.

2. School Rules

Do you have kids?

If you do, then you must take their school schedule into consideration when deciding on when to move. Ideally, a move should not disturb their school schedule too much. This is why it is always advisable to move in the summer.

However, don’t be surprised if you run into some availability problems because summer is usually a peak season for moving. This is especially true when you are moving with kids.

So what can you do if this is the time that’s best suited to your needs?

The answer is simply to plan ahead. Book extremely early if you want to move in the summer. Providing that the move has been in the works for some time, this should be easy enough.

3. Make Sure You Can Get Needed Help

Moving is a massive undertaking. You will need to pack and this can become tedious.

You need all hands on deck to assist you. Make sure that your family and friends will be available to help you when you are moving.

The key to keeping moving stress-free is to pack carefully and label everything. This means you will need help to add the necessary cushioning to boxes so that fragile items such as dishes do not break. You will also need to make sure everything is labeled because this will make unpacking easier when you get to your destination.

Take a poll of your family and friends and find out when they will be available and schedule your moving date around this. It will make everything less stressful.

If you have small children you may not want them underfoot when you are packing. You need to ensure that you will have family and friends around to babysit and take care of their needs while you get things done.

4. Consider Your Work Schedule

Take a close look at your work schedule when deciding when to move. There may be times when things are slow and you are less busy, so you can take advantage of this.

You may also want to take into consideration the availability of vacation days. It is a good idea to move at a time when you can use up your earned vacation leave.

You may also want to plan ahead and hold off on using your vacation days until you are ready to move.

5. Decide On Your Budget

The best time to move is when it is most affordable to you, professional movers will often give you different prices based on whether you are moving during peak season or not.

It is wise to sit down and look at your finances and decide how much you can actually afford to spend on a move.

If funds are low, avoid peak times. A frugal move is best after summer and preferably on a weekday. This is the time when you are likely to get the most affordable rates.

6. Consider a Winter Move

The weather is a critical consideration when choosing when to move. If you live in a province that gets hit hard by winter, then you have to think about how this can affect your move.

This why summer is so popular and expensive. However, if you are on a tight budget do not rule out winter. While you have to take into consideration all that can go wrong, with the right preparation things can go right.

Take extra precaution to protect your items during winter because of the high levels of humidity. You should also mentally prepare yourself for delays. Winter can be unpredictable and a snowstorm can come in at any time.

Make sure that you have made provisions for these delays and have a flexible schedule during your winter move. If you can work around possible delays, you will save a lot of money.

Final Thoughts on Setting a Moving Date

Choosing the right moving date is of great importance. There is a lot to consider especially when you have a family. You want to make sure that your move is as comfortable as possible for everyone since moving can be stressful if everything is not planned out just right.

If you take the time to carefully look at your budget, the weather, your work schedule, and your children’s school schedule you should come up with the perfect moving date. You also want to move at a time when you can get the most help from family and friends.

All this means that you have to be as organized as possible in order to execute your move in the smoothest way possible. The good news is that once you plan carefully everything tends to go smoothly.

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