Office Moving

Office Moving

Let Alero Moving & Storage handle your office move while you continue with what’s important for you.

With the day-to-day grind of clients, e-mails, faxes, phones, files, and meetings you don’t want to be worrying about whether or not the furniture will make it to your new office.

After all, you are a busy executive, you need an office moving company that is reliable, efficient and cost effective. The bottom line and your business never stop being the priority even when you must move to a new office. At Alero Moving & Storage, we understand the needs of a business that must continue operating while moving. That is why we provide a wide variety of services and equipment operated by a skilled team to ensure your move is faultless.

We are office movers who know the stress of continuing day-to-day operations while everything you use in your office is being packed up and transported to a new location. To find out exactly how Alero Moving & Storage can help you, fill out our form for a free, no-obligation moving quote.

Business Moving with Worldwide Capabilities

NorthAmerican Van Lines will supply you with a FREE estimate to move your company or even transfer a valued member of your company across the hall, across the city, across the country, across the border to the United States and or over the ocean to another country if needed.

Alero Moving & Storage is fully equipped to handle the most sensitive office information and equipment, safely and securely, anywhere you need to relocate. We have a skilled team of professionals, the best equipment and an international network to ensure your office is moved safely and securely without interruption to your business.

Why we are the office moving company you want to work with

Let us handle the moving so you don’t have to. Alero Moving & Storage have over 20 years’ experience as movers, helping the private and commercial sector relocate with ease. Don’t stress about your office furniture, fixtures or sensitive paperwork—our experienced team will ensure everything is relocated safely and securely. Our moving packages even come with insurance to protect against the unexpected.

Alero Moving & Storage—your preferred office moving company

No office is too big or too small for Alero Moving & Storage. Whether you are moving one office or an entire office building, our team of professional office movers will move your company quickly, with the best office moving solutions available, so you can return to the more important matters of your business.

Business Moving Company of Choice – Alero Moving & Storage

At Alero Moving & Storage, we have been exceeding customer expectations since 1991. We offer the best office moving services at very competitive prices for businesses in Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina and the surrounding areas.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to fill out our form for a free, no-obligation moving quote. We guarantee the best price for your needs with no hidden costs. If you do find a comparable competitor’s written estimate that betters ours, we will offer 10% off the difference between quotes.

Moving to a new office

Maybe it’s not just the office moving, maybe you and the office are moving to a new city, province or country. If you find yourself needing to move for work, Alero Moving & Storage can help you, your office and your household items get to where they need to be. With our secure, reliable service busy professionals can move home, and office, with peace of mind.

You need to work with a company of experts with the right equipment and international network to ensure you get the right solution for you and your business.

With Alero Moving & Storage our free, no-obligation moving quote will help you to make decisions, plan ahead and keep on top of your moving requirements.

Moving tips for the businesses

It’s always a good idea to keep in mind that while Alero Moving & Storage will often guarantee a price there are certain things we can’t make a guarantee on. Two of those things are: the weather and traffic.

Our movers will do their best to keep to a schedule, but unexpected traffic delays, customs delays or weather that delays them are all (obviously) unavoidable. This is why we often recommend our clients make arrangements for these unexpected events so any hiccups with weather or traffic or customs don’t cause you too many problems.

As far as customs are concerned we will provide you with as much relevant information as necessary to ensure a smooth trip. From documents and relevant government websites, Alero Moving & Storage will make sure you’re fully informed about what is expected of travelling through international customs.

And we will ensure that all items packed and stored comply with international law so they are there when you arrive at your destination.

Alero Moving & Storage

Alero Moving & Storage offer full-service moving packages whether you are moving locally, inter-provincially, intra-provincially or internationally. Don’t worry about the relocation of your office: leave it to our trusted, experienced professionals to ensure your belongings are taken care of from point of origin to destination.

Our skill, our service, and our success is the reason people have been choosing to work with us for over twenty years. Trust our expertise and our past success to ensure you receive the best possible service and outcome for your move.

NAVL and Alero Moving & Storage partner to give you the best service

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming move and learn more about what NAVL can offer you as office movers.  For a free, no-obligation moving estimate, fill out our quote form at the top of this page right now!

Or if you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.