Everything Must Go: How to Move a Piano, Painting, and More Specialty Items

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Moving to a new home can be more stressful than a breakup or divorce.

It brings a change in scenery combined with a new job, school, and neighborhood. Not to mention worrying over how to get all your stuff from point A to point B.

Those extra large and expensive items can create a real headache when figuring out how to protect, pack and transport them. You have enough on your plate, without having to stress about your priceless possessions.

Read on for how to move a piano and other specialty items.

How To Move a Piano

A piano weighs over 500 pounds on average. It also costs more than your other heavy-weight furniture items. So, you need to be careful, and avoid cutting any corners when relocating it.

To make the move, you’ll want to invest in plenty of moving blankets. Use heavy-duty moving tape to secure the blankets around the entire piano. This will protect the piano during the move, as well as hardwood flooring and staircases.

Pay special attention to the piano keys and pedals. They should also get padded and taped down.

A grand piano should have its lid closed and secured. If possible, it’s helpful to remove the legs and pedals from the piano.

Before moving the piano, be sure to measure all hallways, doors, and staircases to make sure it will fit. You may want to add some extra padding to your hallways and floors to protect them.

You’ll also need a strong dolly that can withstand the piano’s weight. Strapping your piano to a skid board will provide extra security.

Clear a pathway from the piano to the front door. Make sure there are not any boxes or furniture in your way.

Then, call all your friends and neighbors to turn in those favors. You’re going to need a lot of manpower to get the piano on that moving truck.

You’ll also need a team available to help you unload the piano. So, if you’re moving across the country this could be difficult.

Don’t Forget to Weigh the Risks

If it’s not something you want to risk, opt for hiring a professional moving company that specializes in pianos. Make sure they have proper insurance that covers the piano should it get damaged in any way during the move.

They have all the necessary tools and techniques for the safe transportation of pianos of all shapes and sizes. Not to mention they have skills in maneuvering a piano out a window if needed.

Moving out of a high rise building often involves the removal of a large window. Then a crane gets used to rig the piano down to street level, and into a moving van.

When you calculate the cost to move cross country, a professional piano mover is a small cost in the grand scheme of things. Depending on where you live and how much stuff you have, costs range from $1,000 to $10,000.

How to Move a Vehicle

In certain relocation situations, you may need to move a car across the country. Before driving such a long distance, make sure your vehicle gets a tune-up.

Get the oil changed before and after the road trip. It also helps to have a gas price app on hand. The Gas Buddy app can help you find the lowest price while on the road.

If you are not able to drive, you’ll have to either hire a professional moving company or tow the car behind another vehicle.

If towing a car, you’ll need to rent or buy a utility trailer. It’s much safer than hooking a car up to your truck hitch.

Consider gas mileage, time spent, and costs to rent a trailer. Then compare with the costs of hiring a professional company to move your vehicle. Also, make sure the companies you’re looking into offer full insurance.

To save on money, you could have your car transported to a major nearby city. Then you could pick it up at your convenience after the move.

There may be extra fees when storing a car for longer periods of time. Ye,t this option can be cheaper than having the car dropped off right in your driveway.

When moving long distances, you can save time and energy by hiring a moving service. They can even pack everything and use pods to have all your stuff waiting for you when you get there.

How to Move a Hot Tub

Trying to move a hot tub can leave you feeling like you wish you had a time machine to go back and never buy one in the first place.

Some homeowners even leave their hot tubs behind. Opting to include them as part of their selling price.

But your hot tub is going to look great at your new home. And it’s going to provide a way to relax and unwind after a long moving process.

To move it yourself, it’s going to take some manpower. Arm yourself with a few 4-wheel dollies and 4 of your strongest friends. You’ll also need some moving straps for extra safety.

First, measure the tub to make sure it fits in the moving van or truck bed. Then disconnect all power to the tub and secure the power cable. A dangling power cable during a move is an accident waiting to happen.

Shut off the water supply to the tub and then drain the water out. Use a hose to drain the tub if you don’t want a huge puddle in your yard. Use towels to soak up any leftover water inside the tub.

To move the tub, grab your friends and lift like crazy. Place one of the dollies in the front and one in the back. Then secure the tub down with straps before rolling it to the van.

Getting hurt is one of the main reasons why you shouldn’t move by yourself. An average sized hot tub weighs about 900 pounds. Even with support, you can still end up getting hurt from heavy-lifting.

If this all sounds overwhelming (and it is) consider hiring a team of hot tub movers. Top-rated moving companies have skills at getting these big bulky baths out of the yard and into your new digs.

If Everything Must Go…Then Hire a Pro

Yes, you can move all your own heavy furniture and specialty items. You have after all mastered the art of how to move a piano. But for safety and sanity, it’s best to hire a professional.

Are you relocating soon? Learn more about the costs of hiring a moving service for your special items.

Save yourself a headache and backache.