Why You Should Hire Moving Services for Long Distance Moving

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Moving services aren’t a big deal when you’re younger. After all, you’ve got a friend with a truck willing to help for a six-pack. This happens a few times in your early 20’s, each time getting harder because you have more stuff.

Then comes the time when opportunity strikes. A new job or love interest opens the opportunity to move across the province. This opportunity may have you moving across the country!

Suddenly, long distance moving services are looking attractive.

Since your 20’s, you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. Perhaps you started a small family in that time, too. It’s one thing to pack a futon and TV when shifting apartments in the same neighborhood, and it’s quite another when relocating to a faraway location.

You may still think you could get by with a friend and a truck. The plan rattles your brain, you’re not sure the best way to go. Need convincing? Read on to learn why moving services are worth their value when moving long distances.

Long Distance Moving Services: What You Get with the Services

The goal of professional moving services is to get your stuff from point A to B safely and efficiently. The level of professionalism depends on the company’s resources and your budget.

Moving services typically include:

  • A moving truck
  • 2-3 (or more depending on the amount of work) helpers

Some companies include moving boxes in their fees while others charge. This charge may or not be on the bill for dollies and other moving equipment.

The service, from here, splits:

  1. Grab-and-go
  2. Full service
  3. Pods

Your grab-and-go services are typical and include the extra muscle to move boxes on/off the truck and transport it to your destination. Typically, you will help with this type of moving service.

Full-service movers let the home/apartment owner kick back. Movers are given permission to pack, move, and transport items to their abilities. This could include basic packing to involving labeling and wrapping.

Your other solution is having a company drop a storage container (often called pods) to your home. There, you can add items to the pod at your leisure. The company later retrieves the pod and delivers it to your final destination.

What good are these services compared to doing it yourself?

The Great Benefits of Moving Services for a Long Distance Move

Remember that time you up and moved in the dead of summer? How unbearable and frustrating it was with the sun beating down as you’re haphazardly trying to shift a fridge upstairs? DIY moving is stressful enough, so here are benefits you gain with professionals.

#1: Making It Safe for All Parties

A trip and fall while handling heavy furniture or appliances could turn ugly. At best, you get bumps and bruises. At worse… we rather not say. There are many dangers when moving items from your home to the truck.

Dangers include:

  • Impacts against walls, edges, and corners
  • Overexertion and dehydration
  • Sloppiness and damaged items

Professional movers have the strength and knowledge for all your items. They take precautions when moving your items in ways you’d omit.

#2: Save Time (and Money)

How much do you make per hour? Keep that in mind while thinking about the days you’ll spend packing and moving. Can you even afford those lost hours?

Go on and use a wage calculator if you need to.

Full-service moving services would allow you to continue work. This removes lost workable hours effectively helping you save during the move. The service can also prevent any tension if you’re required to work those last, few days.

#3: One and Done

As the time ticks closer to handing over the keys, slopiness takes over. What started as a neat and organized packing routine turned into a “throw it in a box, let’s get it on the truck” mentality.

We try our best by giving ourselves plenty of time to pack. But, it always seems to come down to the line — adding to the frustration. This typically leads to damaged, forgotten, or forcefully discard items.

Likewise, overestimating your efficiency could see an extra day tacked onto the rental. Or, having to swap the hotel dates. This adds to the annoyance and lost funds because you’re DIYing the long distance move.

Professional services will get it in one go. The movers come in, make quick work of the packing/storing, and are on their way.

#4: Safety on the road

Have you driven across country hauling a 30ft trailer? Have experience driving mountain ranges or snow? Can you handle your family packed all together for days on the road?

Moving across town isn’t difficult but it dangers increase when you’re on the open road. More than 116,000+ collisions in 2015 caused personal injuries. The chance of danger increases the longer you’re on the road.

Professional movers have the experience with long-distance hauling. The pros are vetted for their driving abilities and road safety. This lets you driving (or fly) in peace knowing you (and your stuff) is handled with care.

#5: Expert guidance

Did you know there are many toxic items you aren’t supposed to pack? Or, how you’re accidentally crushing or damaging stuff from your packing? This slip of the mind could also put you in harm’s way when parking at certain stops on the road.

The professionals are there to help get your stuff packed properly. But, they also provide a wealth of guidance. This can improve your experience, lower the frustrations, and keep you (and family) safe.

The moving company typically sends a packing guide before getting involved. And, provides knowledge during the move to make it as streamlined as possible.

Need Extra Muscle? Let’s Talk

You can spend a lot of money with moving services if you’re anxious and overwhelmed. At its worst, you could fall prey to a scam! Not exactly the way you wanted to start that new living arrangement, right?

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