Learn Little-Known Moving Tips Ensure an Easy Move

by / Tuesday, 14 March 2017 / Published in Moving Tips

It’s easy to forget how intense moving is. If you live somewhere long enough, you forget about the  memories of packing, stressing and shipping your family across the country.

You forget the lessons you learned the first time and repeat your mistakes.

But you don’t have to make any mistakes when it comes to moving. There are tried and true ways of moving across the country or even across town that actually work.

It just takes a little bit of foreplanning to make sure You have an easy move.

1. Give Things Away For An Easy Move

For some of us, getting rid of stuff is hard.

But, if you do de-bulk your belongings, you’re going to have less to ship or pack. Plus, charities are always willing to take your stuff, and they will come pick it up for you  free of charge.

2. If You Can’t Give Away, Sell

Garage sales are a waste of time. Instead, for an easy move, go through your stuff early, find what you want to sell, and list it on E-Bay.

You will be surprised at what people will buy on E-Bay.

3. Use Up All Your Groceries

Most people shop every two weeks. For an easy move, try to use up all your perishables before you have to pack.

You may have some non-perishables left. But those can either be given to a food bank or brought with you.

4. Change Your Address Before Moving

If you know where you are going to be living next, tell  your post office. Get your address changed with the post at least two weeks prior.

You don’t want to miss a bill or an important birthday card with birthday cash inside.

5. Hire Movers And Read The Fine Print

If you can afford  movers, this one action will save you so much stress, trouble, and time.

If you don’t have to worry about packing your stuff and shipping it across the country, you will be able to focus on you and your family. You will have an easy move!

But read the fine print. Some companies have wacky rules. You want to make sure they don’t tack on some absurd fee at the end you didn’t know about. If it’s in the fine print, you’re going to have a hard time getting out of it at the end.

6. Each Box Should Have A Number

Especially if you have movers or friends helping you move. It’s an utter nightmare to arrive at a location just to find a box got left in the donation pile.

It’s happened to the best of us. The way to avoid this is to number the boxes.

Another reason to number your boxes. Thieves.

You probably trust your friends. But during the process of moving, your things are going to be everywhere. You may end up with a few boxes on the curb for a few hours.

If you’ve labeled your boxes, then a thief who just walks by might see “Prized Baseball Collection” on a box and decide to nab it. You may think you’re always watching your stuff. But just a little diversion can give a thief that window.

You can always list the numbers on a piece of paper or on a tablet and correspond those numbers with box content.

7. And Color Code Your Boxes

When you get to your destination, you’re going to want your stuff to end up in the right rooms.

If you color code the boxes by room, it will be easier on the other end to organize and unpack.

8. Don’t Make Your Friends Pack

Your friends are probably expecting just to move boxes and eat pizza. They won’t be expecting to pack your stuff.

Besides, if you haven’t packed by the time they arrived, those skeletons you spend years keeping from them might just pop out. You want all your dirty secrets packed away before your friends arrive.

9. Give Your Friends First Dibs

If you want to pare down your stuff for an easy move, give your friends first dibs.

This is a great way to get people who will be loyal to your specific ways of packing. If you are charitable to them, they will be more receptive to you.

Anything you were going to give away to charity, let your friends have access to it before it goes away.

10. Vacuum Seal For More Space

Boxes are hard to come by. So make more room in the boxes you already have by vacuum sealing your clothes.

Your clothes are squishable. They will regain shape after you move. This method will squeeze all the available air out of your clothes.

11. Make Use Of All Baskets, Bins, And Anything Hollow

Waste not, want not. Do you want to make use of all your space? Then make use of ALL your space.

Shoes, boots, ice skates, baskets, boxes, trunks, luggage. All of it can be used to pack stuff in.

15. Photograph Your Electronics

If you’re not a very tech oriented person, it may be hard to figure out how to hook up your television set.

Wires can be confusing. So, for an easy move, before disassembling your electronics for packing, take a photo of the configurations so you remember.

16. Defrost Your Fridge

Your fridge will probably have frozen liquid somewhere inside. Make sure you unplug and defrost it a day before.

You should already be done with your food by then anyway.

17. Pack A Bag

Your essentials for survival should go in a luggage bag or an overnight bag of some sort.

Most people move in the summer. But even in the summer, you can get stranded because of car trouble or other circumstances. You don’t want to be without underwear on the trip.


If you follow our advice, getting to where you need to be shouldn’t be difficult.

Get on the ball and hire a mover today. And, as always, be safe out there folks.