Moving While Selling Your Home

by / Wednesday, 06 June 2018 / Published in Moving Tips

How to Balance Getting Ready With Looking Good

Many people complain that they’re unable to “walk and chew gum”, meaning trying to juggle two time-consuming or challenging tasks at the same time. One such instance is trying to sell a home and move an entire household simultaneously. It can be quite the feat to sell a home and move. It is possible to keep a home ready to show if one organizes and prioritizes certain needs. What should home sellers know in order to move and sell a home at the same time? Use the following strategies to not get overwhelmed when moving and selling a home.

What Does It Take to Sell a Home

In order to get a home ready to be listed, homeowners have to make necessary repairs, stage a home and price it right. It can be harder to move when attempting to sell a home and homeowners need to be more efficient with their time. Hopefully all goes smoothly when selling a home but a homeowner may find they need to make additional repairs when the home is inspected. This may change their anticipated timelines and make it harder to move into a new home as originally anticipated.

Those who are attempting to sell a home for the first time may not want to take on the burden of doing so at the same time as when they are getting ready to move. A moving date is usually negotiated in conjunction with determining the closing date of the home. Sellers generally need to move out within the period stipulated on the contract, which often may be extended past the closing date through the use of a contract contingency known as a seller leaseback. In some cases, home sellers may need to move out before heading to closing. Being prepared to do so can make this period less stressful. Those who may have difficulty moving while selling a property may want to look into having the home leased back to them in a separate agreement in order to gain some additional time to move into a new home.

Smart Moving Tips

Homeowners need to prepare and plan out how they will be moving. Those with large furniture or who do not have a garage or basement may want to look into renting storage. This will make it easier to store large and bulky items when showing a home and may make for an easier time when staging a home to sell.

Decluttering, removing personal items and organizing are key when showing a home and getting ready to pack. Personal items and files can go into storage. Boxes left in a home can be neatly identified and remain in one place, such as on racks in a garage. Labels on boxes that include the contents and which room they will go into will make it easier when it comes time to settle into a new home. Stretch wrap will come in handy when grouping boxes together and to protect furniture from scratches when being moved about. Attempt to keep closets as clear as possible as potential buyers want to see all of the spaces in a home.

Those who are moving when selling may want to tackle one room at a time. This can make it easier to pack and organize items, while keeping mess to a minimal. After a day of packing, vacuum up the room and make it neat in order to have it ready for realtors and potential buyers the next day. Creating a checklist of items that have been packed is a useful suggestion.

There is much to do besides the physical aspect of moving. Homeowners who are selling a home may want to have a list of the businesses and government agencies they will need to inform about their intent to move and their moving date. A timeline may be useful to keep the moving process on track. Those with children and pets may need to locate a sitter or want them to stay with a family member when in the middle of packing.

Moving When Selling

During this time, a home still needs to be showroom ready. Speak to an experienced agent for more suggestions to make this transitional period as smooth as possible and to avoid potential headaches.