How to Prepare Your Office Before Office Movers Come In

by / Monday, 14 May 2018 / Published in Moving Tips

Relocating your office from one area to another can be incredibly stressful, no matter the distance involved. It’s like moving a bunch of people on the same day, into new homes, at the same time.

Stuff gets lost, people get lost and it’s hard to get a cup of coffee when you need one (what? It’s important!).

So, once you’ve picked your new premises, how do you pack up and get your office ready for the office movers ahead of time? Keep reading to find out.

12 Months Before (Or, as Soon as You Find Out!)

With a year to go, there are lots of things to prepare.

Appoint Move Managers

First, you’ll need to meet with all departments, and let them know that your office is moving. Each department should nominate someone to take responsibility for their team’s packing.

Next, you’ll need to choose someone in the office to take overall responsibility for the smooth running of the moving process.

Know Your Staffing Needs

As soon as you know a move is in your future, make a detailed list of each staff member that’ll be moving with you to your new premises.

Write a List

Your move managers should make a list of tasks necessary to make the move a success. Then, get them together for a meeting so they can compare notes.

6 Months Before

With 6 months to go…

Find a Realtor

If you own the building you’re in, you’ll need a real estate agent to market your property for either sale or rent.

List Your Inventory

Make a full and detailed list of everything you’ll be taking to your new offices. This will help you get a more accurate quote from your moving company.

You’ll also understand how much you’ll need to spend on new technology or furniture, and whether any of your old equipment can be sold.

Choose Office Movers

You’ll want to research and find the best moving company for your office.

Don’t look solely at price – make sure you look at services offered, and previous customer feedback before making a decision.

Begin Archiving

Begin archiving old files and paperwork. Any old or defunct paperwork should be packed into archiving boxes and moved into storage.

If your archives are located at your new office, label your boxes accordingly and keep them in a designated area for your office movers to relocate on the day.

3 Months Before

With 3 months to go…

Telephone and Internet Lines

To make sure your workforce can hit the ground running, you’ll need to have pre-installed telephone lines and an internet connection.

Talk to your telephone and internet provider beforehand, and plan for your lines to be installed ahead of time.

Clean Things Up

Take care of any little jobs you’ve been putting off, and hire a handyman to make sure you’re leaving your office the way you found it.

You’ll also need to hire and brief a professional cleaning company for the day you leave, so your offices will be spick and span for the new occupants.

Give Notice

If you’re renting your space, give notice to your current building manager so they know you’re on your way out, and can find new tenants.

Fill in Your Workforce

At this point, you’ll need to make sure your employees are in the loop and on your side. Make a newsletter and attach a checklist for each staff member, so they’re fully aware of the move, and how they can help it go smoothly.

2 Months Before

With just 2 months to go, things are heating up!


At this stage, you’ll need to start getting ready to pack. Throw away or sell anything broken or unnecessary at your new office. This can be hard, and you may get sentimental, but be ruthless!

Remember: you’ll be paying for every extra item you take with you.

COA (Change of Address) Arrangements

You’ll need to tell everyone who knows you that you’re moving. Send out emails and letters informing them.

You’ll also need to make arrangements to redirect your mail services.

Buy in Packing Supplies

You’ll need to buy in plenty of moving boxes, packing tape and marker pens to pack up your files and desk contents.

Bubble wrap and foam nuggets are also useful to cushion more delicate and fragile items during the move.

1 Month Before

See, we told you the move would sneak up on you…!

Start Packing!

With your old paperwork archived, you should only have out what you need. Pack anything you don’t need to hand in clearly-labeled boxes.

Office supplies, the contents of your desk, and anything in your own personal space should be packed up. Label all boxes with a full inventory for easy access at your new site.

You’ll also need to pack anything in common areas including hallways, break rooms, meeting rooms and any other unassigned areas.

1 Week Before

The day is nearly here…

Meet With Your Move Managers

Catch up with your managers and see how everyone’s teams are doing. If anybody needs additional help, see how you can facilitate that.

Label. Everything.

It’s important! Label everything, from your photocopier to your personal stapler. If your office movers know where every item is going, your new space will look exactly as it should when you get there.

Sort Out Utilities

Let your utilities, phone, and internet companies know that your workforce is on its way to pastures new, and arrange a cut-off date.

Arrange Provisions

On moving day, your staff will probably get tired and hangry. Liaise with a local caterer to provide you with enough to eat on moving day. Your workers will be very happy. And this will make you popular, too. Just saying.

Your Office Movers Have Arrived: It’s Moving Day!

It’s moving day!

Last-Minute Checks

Do your final checks on the office packing. Is everything out of sight and in boxes? Can you see any scary holes in walls or scuffs and marks you should fix? Are the cleaners all set to come in?

A Provisions Box

While your caterer will be sorting out food, you should really get a box together so everyone gets coffee on demand on moving day.

Throw your coffee machine, cups, coffee, tea, and cookies into a box, and get some fresh milk. Your staff will thank you when it’s time for a coffee break.

Lost and Found

Grab a box, mark it ‘Lost and Found’, and throw in any loose items – you can sort them out later.

Say Goodbye

Your office is now practically empty – it’s time to say goodbye. Collect together any keys, and turn them in to your building manager.

The Takeaway on Preparing for Office Movers

Moving makes for a stressful time and office moves are no exception. But, with proper planning, they don’t have to be. Follow our tips, pack up ahead of time, and your office move can go off without a hitch.

If you’re ready to hire office movers, contact us and learn how we can help you!