How to Ready Your Home for International Movers and Packers

by / Tuesday, 02 January 2018 / Published in International Moving

Moving to a new home is an exciting, yet stressful, time.

As much as you can’t wait to settle in and host an awesome house-warming party, you can’t show up to your new address empty-handed.

This means packing, transport, and unpacking are your first priority.

To make the process easier, consider hiring a moving company. There are even international movers and packers available for those going across borders.

These specialized teams are here to make your move a breeze. But, there are some things you can do to help them as they help you.

Here’s everything you need to know about preparing for international movers and packers to show up at your door.

1. Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

It might sound silly to clean your house right before you move out.

Actually, it helps you sort out what you still use versus what’s been laying around in the garage or the back of your closet.

Moving is the perfect reason to get rid of these things.

Go through every room in your home and check for clothes you don’t wear and furniture you don’t want anymore. You can choose to sell them or give them to a local donation drive.

Keep in mind, though, some things will be trash.

Other people don’t have a use for torn clothes or an old school project in your kid’s room.

There are also some objects international movers and packers will refuse to move. This includes hazardous items, perishable goods, and even plants.

You may also want to check borders and customs regulations in this step.

2. Do Inventory

While you’re making your rounds deciding to take, donate, or throw away, make a list of inventory.

Your inventory is a major help to double-check everything makes it on the moving truck and to your new home.

Write down each object from your valuables to your favorite seasonal clothes. Make a special effort for items like furniture, paintings, and nice rugs or decorative pillows.

Take pictures of these things from every angle, too. It’s a time-consuming step, but it will come in handy should any damage occur during the move.

If you find a stain on your rug or a scratch on your coffee table when moving in, you can refer to the pictures.

This is your proof when contacting international movers and packers about damage compensation.

Thankfully, most movers have a high level of professionalism, which means you likely won’t have any damages. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry and cover all your bases.

3. Establish a No-Pack Zone

Once you’ve done most of the sorting and inventory, take a moment to clean out one room completely.

This will become your no-pack zone.

When movers come into your home, they’re on a mission. They have a system for breaking down big items, packing up everything else, and loading up. This gets them through a couple rooms faster than you might think.

Your no-pack zone, however, is an off-limits territory.

It’s where you will store all the basics you plan to take in your car or on the plane. This includes chargers and personal electronics, travel clothes, and toiletries. Don’t forget to leave a few snacks in there, either.

Plus, this can be your place to relax or take a break as movers do their thing.

4. Prepare Small Items

Speaking of movers coming through, don’t waste their time with small items.

Go through all the drawers in your house and clean them out.

Put silverware in a small kitchen box. Collect all your hair ties and small styling products in ziplock bags. Gather any toys, remotes, and important documents as well.

This won’t just speed things up packing, but it will give you peace of mind unpacking.

You won’t have to search for one hair tie in a big box labeled “bathroom” or go through various kitchen boxes just to find a fork for takeout.

5. Make Special Arrangements

Some small items are for special members of the family, like your baby or pet. Other items, like appliances, are some of the biggest in the move with their own set of preparations.

Here are a few basic packing steps for these unique situations.


Like anyone else, babies will need a bag packed with their clothes and immediate necessities.

However, these “necessities” are often the most extensive in the group.

Babies need enough food for their eating schedule, which is more often than your three basic meals. Bring enough formula, pre-pumped milk, and/or snacks. Try to keep it as close to their regular diet as you can.

Don’t forget about bibs, toys, and blankets for their ultimate comfort on the road.

It’s also smart to bring along a few more outfits than you think your baby will need. Bring accessories like hats and extra socks to adjust for any weather condition.


Pets are kind of like babies when it comes to food and comfort.

If you’re planning to drive, pack a special bag of their regular food and snacks. Bring a water bowl, and make sure there’s plenty of room for their dog bed or cat crate in the car.

Leave their leash and a couple toys handy. This way, they can enjoy rest stops just as much as everyone else.

If you’re flying, make pet arrangements ahead of time.

Make sure you know every detail about meals, comfort, and pick-up procedures.


Every appliance has its own set of moving requirements.

Toasters and coffee makers should be cleaned for crumbs and coffee grounds.

Refrigerators should be unplugged and drained at least a day before your international movers and packers show up.

Washers and dryers can have up to a full weeks-worth of prepping. This includes cleaning cycles, safe electric disconnections, and secure packing of all the parts.

Make sure everything you plan to take is clean and safe.

This saves you from molding or mildew growth during transport. It also gives you easy access to use appliances quickly when you move in.

6. Communicate

Lastly, communicate with your international movers and packers as much as possible.

Label rooms by the names of family members instead of “bedroom 1” and “bedroom 2.” Tell the team which items need special care, like vintage furniture or family objects.

Set clear expectations and ask for a timeline of transportation, too. Be sure to get a point person’s contact information you can reach out to during delivery.

Try to be a good host to your movers as well.

Get water bottles and maybe a few snacks for them as they work. They will truly appreciate it, and they’ll have more energy to do the best job possible.

Find Your International Movers and Packers

Ready to get on the road?

First things first – you have to set up a schedule with your movers!

Reach out to international movers and packers as soon as you know your move-in date. This way, you have plenty of time to plan ahead and go through each step mentioned above with care.

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