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Employee & Corporate Relocation Winnipeg

Corporate relocation is a complicated task, and as such, should be handled by experts in relocating employees and their families. Alero Moving & Storage has more than 25 years of experience in relocating employees for businesses of all sizes in Canada. We provide employee relocation services that extend worldwide, whether we are moving an executive from Calgary to Chicago or relocating a staff of 300 from Edmonton to England.


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With Alero, you benefit from a single point of contact throughout the corporate relocation process. Your single source contact will be there to devise the move plan as well as answer any questions or address any concerns throughout the move. We excel at easing the stress of relocating on employees, helping them to get settled and back to work as soon as possible. We cater to your company’s relocation policy while catering to the sensitive needs of your staff to ensure a seamless employee relocation – anywhere in the world.


Employee Relocation Services are Comprehensive, Customizable

Our full menu of services ensures we can accommodate any need, from full-service packing and custom crating to storage and vehicle shipping. In addition, we can provide destination services should the employee require services that go above and beyond. Whatever your employee needs during their relocation, we have a solution.


Employee Relocation to the USA

Moving south over the border? Alero Moving and Storage will help get you there. Household and personal goods can travel from Canada to the US duty-free so long as they have been in your possession for at least a year.

It’s important to declare newer items and not understate the value of existing items, as US Customs can confiscate them to assess duties and apply penalties. If you are planning on making purchases immediately prior to the relocation, consider making the purchase in the US.

Some personal items such as vehicles, consumables, and photographic equipment may still be dutiable, so check with your nearest US Consulate prior to packing and relocating.



Cats and dogs over three months will need proof of vaccinations and a vet certificate stating the good health of the animal(s). Birds may require a quarantine period.


Relocating Motor Vehicles to the US

Alero Moving and Storage are specialists in transporting vehicles (see below) and will get yours to your destination safely and securely. Prior to moving to the US, the vehicle must pass the US safety and environmental standards. Vehicles which do not meet the standard can still be imported, but must be exported within one year.


Employee Relocation Overseas

Alero Moving and Storage can arrange for the transport of your goods and belongings overseas, either by air or by ocean freight depending on your budget and needs.

Ocean freight carriage either involves exclusive 20’ or 40’ steamship containers, or consolidation with other shipments. It may be necessary to crate your items prior to being loaded into the container, depending on your destination.


Overseas Destination Services

When shipping overseas, we provide three delivery options:

  • Port Only Delivery: Your items will be delivered to port, where you will need to arrange further transport to get them from port to your final destination.
  • Door Only Delivery: Items are delivered to your destination, with no further destination services.
  • Door to Door Delivery: This includes full destination services. Items are delivered to your destination, unloaded, unpacked, unwrapped, and cleaned of debris.


Relocating Cars and Specialty Items

Cars, vehicles, and large or precious items require extra care and a professional touch. At Alero Moving and Storage, our global network of resources, extensive training and state-of-the-art moving equipment has made vehicle relocation a service that is safe, efficient and competitively-priced for our clients – when it comes to your high-value items, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

With Alero Moving and Storage, you can rest assured that your items will be safely and securely stored and transported. We guarantee against damage and breakages. From fine glass wear to pianos to the family car, every item we relocate is treated with the same level of care and support.


Employee Relocation Company of Choice – NAVL

At Alero Moving & Storage, a northAmerican Van Lines, we have been exceeding customer expectations since 1991. We offer the best corporate relocation services at very competitive prices for businesses in Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming employee relocation and learn more about what we can offer you. For a free, no-obligation moving estimate, fill out our quote form at the top of this page right now!