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Local Movers in Winnipeg
So, you’re thinking about moving locally in Winnipeg? Looking for a new opportunity in a different city; or your house is too small for your growing family, and there’s nothing around you. Perhaps, you’ve been offered a lucrative job elsewhere, and it’s worth packing up and going.

There are many reasons for making the move—the good, the bad and the indifferent. Whatever your reason for moving, and however far you’re travelling within your current city or province, Alero Moving & Storage can help you. We offer a range of services from the complete move to ensuring that one special item gets to where it needs to be.

In Canada, we are a moving company that has been helping families safely move their belongs from one home to the next for over 25 years. Alero Moving & Storage have the skills, the staff and the equipment to ensure your belongings are moved safely.

Winnipeg Local Moving Companies – Movers you can trust

With all the many considerations that go with moving, one thing you don’t want to have to worry about is the safety of your belongings. After all, you’ll be ensuring all your affairs are in order. Because what can be more important than family? Than their safety and security? When you make the big decision to move local, you want a company you can trust.

Choose the northAmerican local movers who can provide you with an exceptional relocation which will let you focus on your family; as well as all the other considerations during such a busy time.

And it will be a busy time, with insurance, and change of address, packing and all the other things which come with moving home. With so many questions and the anticipation of clearing out one house and filling another, we can help.

Our professional moving consultants will be able to arrange your move and answer all your difficult questions regarding your local move. Whatever your moving needs we’ve got you covered: from packing services, boxes, storage or delivery or a cherished item we help alleviate the pressure and stress of the move.

Intraprovincial moving focused on fair, secure relocations

Are you relocating your entire home? Not sure what is needed? When you are moving your entire home, one of Alero Moving and storage’s sales consultants will arrange a free in-home estimate for your peace of mind.

Our sales consultant will provide you with a moving package. This contains a:

  • “Remember to Contact” list

This list comprises such places as: the post office, electricity and water companies as well as phone companies and any other places you may need to inform of your move. The “Remember to contact” list is an invaluable resource to ensure you remember to call all the right people.

  • “Packing Hints and Tips”

Some simple packing tips include: if it’s precious and fragile leave it to the professionals. If Alero Moving & Storage pack it and move it, then the items are covered by our insurance policy. Of course, it does depend on the package you purchase. Another simple packing tip is to pack things like clothes, books and other things which aren’t likely to break if they are jostled in transit. Our “Packing Hints and Tips” will provide with all the information you need to successfully, carefully and safely pack your belongings. As well as contain a suggested time for starting pack. Because, you don’t want to start packing too soon, otherwise you’ll have nothing in the days leading up to your move.

  • Fair, competitive price

We offer you a fair and competitive price based on how much you need and how far you need it moved. We also provide affordable storage if you are moving into a smaller place, while you look for something more permanent. When you fill out your free, no-obligation moving estimate you will find out just how well priced our variety of services are.

  • Absolutely no hidden charges

We will tell you everything you need to know. How much the insurance will cost for moving certain items and the cost of trucks and drivers.

Alero Moving & Storage are your professional, trusted local movers

Our team of uniformed professional movers will care for your belongings as if they were their own. We want you to neither stress nor worry about your possessions as you make your move to your home. You can count of Alero Moving & Storage to provide you with a stress-free environment, friendly service and skilled handling of your family’s most honored possessions.

All of your items will be wrapped safely in furniture pads, shrink-wrap and mattress covers to ensure the safety of each and every item.

What we cannot control

There are two things Alero Moving & Storage can neither account for nor control: the weather and traffic. We will provide you with an estimate of travel time, and provided no bad traffic nor inclement weather occurs, we will make good time. In some cases, we may recommend you find a motel or alternative accommodation.

If you would like to see how much it would cost, you can fill out a free, no-obligation

Choose an local moving company with experience: Choose Alero Moving & Storage

As a company, Alero Moving & Storage have collectively been moving families in Winnipeg and throughout Canada for more than 25 years and repeat customers are why we have continued to be able to offer our service as professional local movers to all our customers, their friends and their families.

Whether you are moving only one item or doing a complete household move, we will transfer your home quickly so you can attend to the most important thing—your family and your new life in your new home.

Local movers who exceed expectations and provide long-term value

At Alero Moving & Storage we have been exceeding customer expectations since 1991. We offer the best local moving services at very competitive prices for our customers in Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina, Moose Jaw and the surrounding areas.

Whether you are moving for your family; moving for work; moving for a change of scene or study, Alero Moving & Storage offer a wide variety of packages large and small. Don’t try and move things yourself, this can end badly (injury), cost more than you think (hiring vans and moving everything yourself involves many trips, much petrol and many hours) and doesn’t provide you with the safety of a professional company.

Choosing professional local movers over doing it yourself is a faster, more efficient way of securely ensuring all your possessions arrive the same way they left your former place of residence, And when our professionals arrive at your new home, we will tick off every item as they enter your home to ensure everything that left, arrives; and arrives in the same condition.

Choose the smart choice for your local movers

If you want something done properly, make sure it’s done right. Leave your local moving needs to the professionals. If you’re moving within your city or in the same province, Alero Moving & Storage has the best people and the best solution for you.  Looking to move within the country or internationally?  Read more about our Long Distance moving and International Moving services.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming northAmerican move. For a free, no-obligation moving estimate, fill out our quote form at the top of this page right now!

Alero Moving & Storage: “Guaranteed price, service and satisfaction.