Tips to Create an Easy Move for Your Children

by / Monday, 28 May 2018 / Published in Moving Tips

Are you moving into a new house? Congratulations! Moving to a new house, especially if it’s in a different city or state, can be an exciting, yet stressful process.

Add kids to the mix, and everything escalates. Moving can be hard on kids, especially those who have already formed memories and friends in their current neighborhood.

Children sometimes express stress by acting out, wetting the bed, or becoming clingy. The good news is there are some things you can do to make an easy move and ease the stress on the entire family.

Keep reading to discover 7 tips to create an easy move for your children.

1. Let Your Kids Decorate Their Room

Letting your kids decorate their own room does three things.

The first thing it does is get them excited for the move. The idea of choosing everything from the color of their walls to what kind of toy chest they get will give them something to look forward to, and offer a positive association with the move.

The second thing it does is let them express their creativity. Moving can be extremely stressful, and one way to help kids cope with stress is by letting them express themselves through creativity. Encourage this by letting your child draw pictures of their new room.

The last thing it does is offer them some form of control. Children, even young children, often want to feel like they are in control of something. Moving to a new house is a complicated process, and your kids might feel like they have no choice in the process.

Allowing them to decorate their own room will help them feel like they are in control of their room. Other things you can do to help them feel involved is let them help pack or visit potential houses with you.

2. Get Your Child Involved in School Before They Start

School-aged children might feel extra stressed if they know they need to transfer schools.

If you are moving over the summer, call and ask about any summer camps or activities that the school might host. This will give your child a chance to meet some students in a fun and relaxed environment before their first day.

Attending a “meet the teacher day” is also a great way to get your child adjusted. Allowing them to meet their teacher and some other students that will be in their class will help put them at ease.

This might be a little harder if you are moving mid-year. One thing that could help is to contact your school about taking a tour.

Once you know what class your student will be in, you may be able to walk through the school and show your child where their classroom is. At least they’ll get to see the school and feel confident about finding their way.

3. Pack All Your Child’s Precious Belongings in One Box

Does your child have a favorite toy or a nightlight they can’t sleep without? One easy packing tip is to take any precious belongings and pack them into one box.

You can keep this box in the car so your child will have access to it when driving, but be sure to give it to your child as soon as you arrive for an easy move.

When you get to your new home, you’ll have a lot to do. If you child isn’t old enough to help unpack, this will help your child adjust and give you a chance to start unpacking while they’re busy with their favorite toys.

4. Get Your Child’s Room Set Up First

We all know how uncomfortable it can be to sleep in an unfamiliar place. Your child may feel occupied with their box of precious belongings for a short period of time, but they’ll get anxious waiting to gain access to the rest of their stuff soon enough.

To help your child better adjust to the move, unpack their room first. Having their own room set up will help your child feel at home faster.

5. Tell Your Child As Soon As Possible

You might be dreading telling your child about the move. However, in order to make an easy move, your child should know as soon as possible because they’ll need time to adjust to the idea of moving.

Give them time to say goodbye to their friends and come to terms with what will happen. Consider taking them back to their favorite spots around town, such as the local park or ice cream shop, so they have a chance to enjoy them one more time.

Lastly, encourage your child to take pictures (or draw pictures) of the old house. This will let them feel like they are preserving memories, which will make the move easier.

6. Let Your Child See That You Are Excited

Children often vibe off what their parents are feeling. If you are feeling stressed or unhappy about the move, your child may be able to sense this and react in a similar way.

Instead, do your best to show your child that you are excited. Talk to them about the new house and the new neighborhood. Do some research in the area and find fun things that you can do once you move.

Share these ideas with your child to show them that you are excited about your new house and that they should be too!

7. Keep Your Old Routine

One way to make an easy move is to keep your old routines. If you have pizza every Wednesday night or a family movie night on Saturdays, continue this in your new home.

It may be difficult to keep up with these traditions among the busyness of a move. However, doing small things like this can help your child hold on to the familiar things you did in your old house, giving them a more seamless moving experience.

Creating an Easy Move for Kids

Moving can be a stressful experience for anyone, including children. They may feel upset over leaving their house, neighborhood, school, and friends behind for something that is new and unfamiliar.

To help create an easy move for kids you can continue your routine, allow your kids to decorate their room, and tell your child about the move as soon as possible.

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