When are Self Storage Solutions the Answer You Need?

by / Tuesday, 21 March 2017 / Published in Storage

Moving can sometimes be tedious when your friend, with the truck, dips out or you’re stressing on time. A larger move, across the country or outside of the States, is a whole new story.

People have a lot of clutter.

Our stuff extends from our households into the garage and beyond. It’s very common for families to have an extra space for storing stuff such as with a shed or even an off-site location like at a storage unit facility.

When it gets down to the moving — extra space matters:

  • You may be showcasing a home
  • You could be downsizing and need storage while you sort things out
  • You might have decided to divvy up the items with other housemates

Self storage solutions are what come to mind for those that are looking to move and need the extra space while they settle in (or out). These self storage solutions come in a variety of options, pricing, and transportation.

This article will help you with the moving process, what to look for in the self storage solutions, and other considerations to make the entire departure (and settling in) easy.

Ways to improve the moving experience

Regular moves when you’re in your college years is somewhat simple because you don’t have a lot of stuff. It’s when you start to settle down, have a home, and start a family when moving gets to be tedious.

Moving doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here are some of the ways you can move your home (or business) with a bit more ease to the process:

  • Planning/Inventory – A day to inventory the items and stuff can make the entire moving process that much easier. Knowing where you’ll want the items before you’re at the new destination will help with packaging. Planning and inventory are also very important for businesses that may still need access to these materials during the move or storage.
  • De-Clutter – It’s easier to move when there are less items to take. Consider having a yard/garage sale or donating the items that may not fit into the new location. The money you make from the sale (and tax write-offs from the donation) can pay for the self storage solutions and move.
  • Overnight Bags – You’d hope all moves go well but sometimes there are delays such as with traffic. It would be wise to pack an overnight bag in case you need to stop on over at a hotel or if you’re roughing it in your new home that’s yet to have power.
  • Documenting – Take pictures of the place you’re leaving and the new location without the items. This will be great to provide insurance companies if there are ever problems. It’s also good to show if a rental property comes back saying they’ll take your deposit because something isn’t quite right. Better safe than sorry.
  • Stay Calm – Anyone that’s moved before can tell you how close relationships get to breaking when there’s heavy lifting. The stress of a move can tear at you — it’s important to stay calm. Plan and start packing ahead, use professional services for the big things, take the time to pack the majority in self storage solutions, and don’t rush. Haste can lead to stress you don’t want and  hurting yourself from improper lifting.

That’s a few ways to get things in transition. The next being…

Self storage solutions: what to look for

There are some different reasons why you’d want to look toward self storage solutions for a move — including:

  • Heading off to college
  • Expanding your business
  • Setting aside seasonal items
  • Storing vehicles, boats, and other transportation
  • Making a few renovations

Self storage solutions are appropriate for these moments because it’s very easy to fall into the trap of passing those items onto other family members or taking up an entire room which never seems to be reorganized.

In a way: It forces you into making sure you use the items.

When sourcing a company that provides self storage solutions you should consider:

  • What size is needed for the items?
  • How can the unit be accessed?
  • What’s the timeframe that’s allowed for the storage?
  • Does the unit have security?
  • Is the unit temperature controlled?

The important thing to consider (outside of price) is the need for the unit.

Sometimes it may be a need for temporary storage such as when you’re renovating or making a small transition. Other times it could be a life change such as marriage or a child moving out. Likewise, you could be in the middle of a move and don’t need to drag everything along.

Larger moves ( such as with a business or going international) would bring about some extra considerations:

  • Will there be documents in storage which need to be protected?
  • Does inventory need to make a shift and be accessible?
  • Any large equipment?

Business and international moves are a little different. In these instances, you’d want to lean toward a  professional moving service. The self storage solutions will allow your business or personal, international move to get started but the actual transit may be outside of your realm. A professional service will be able to handle the logistics (along with insurance and proper packing so nothing gets ruined).


Moving to a new location is exciting but not enjoyable when there are heavy items to transit and an entire home to box & unbox.

A bit of planning, self storage solutions, and a combination of DIY and knowing  what to ask for in professional moving services will make it that much easier.

You could be doing:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • International

Moving is still moving. There are ways to make it easy and ways to make it a pain. We could guess what side you’d rather prefer.

Self storage solutions turn what’s otherwise a tedious task into one that goes along smoothly.

You can rest your mind about the safety of your items without having to dedicate weekends to the move or wonder how it will all fit once it’s there.

Your turn: What have your experiences been with moving? Has self storage solutions been a factor? Share your tips and experiences with a comment below!